A new era is initiating in Turkey’s capital Ankara’s most presitigious and prosperous district Çankaya. The star of Karataş, the area which will be granted the oppurtunity of becoming the sustainable settlement that is in accord with our age’s contemporary concept, is shining.

Karataş Neighborhood of the Çankaya District is located on 4 km to the East of the Lake Eymir, 5 km to the South-West of Imrahor Valley and 5 km to the South of Oran District. The Ankara belt highway passes through the North of the said area to set the northern border.

People today dream of living in a prosperous area with fresh air and fertile with lots of green fields; for this specific reason, Karataş is an area that is zoned directly by the municipality. Already, the 1/5000 Land Use Plan (NİP) of the area is verified and taken out of it’s previous suspense state and 1/1000 Implementary Development Plan (UİP) works have been initiated on January 2020. When the plans are investigated, it is seen that the social areas are in accordance with the environment.:

– Canal Ankara Project (Kanal Ankara)

The project is located within the borders of Mühye Neighborhood which is on the North of Karataş, East of Oran Eymir road, 2 km away from the Lake Eymir, covering about 1.3 km along the stream bed. The construction is currently ongoing.

– Imrahor National Garden (İmrahor Millet Bahçesi)

Passing through the borders of Down Imrahor, Mid Imrahor, Upper Imrahor, Yakupabdal, Yeşilkent, Karataş and Boztepe Neighborhoods, covering about 3 million square meters, the project will be consistent of 7 stages and it’ll come to the fore with it’s green fields and social areas. The project is going to be carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation. The construction is currently ongoing.

–Ankara South Ecological Corridor (Ankara Güney Ekolojik Koridoru)

Karataş. Being approved by Murat KURUM, a minister of Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, the Corridor Project is going to be based on 5 divisions located the green-axe covering Canal Ankara, Lake Eymir, Gölbaşı National Garden, Mogan Lake and Gölbaşı Arboretum. The most enjoyable, energetic, natural, clean, technological, flamboyant and original version of life in Ankara and it’s people dreams are going to be actualized in this very area.