MEK YAPI, Land Investment Strategy

The most critical point when it comes to locating the land that is to be invested upon is to analize this investment plan with a technical team that specializes in this very field. The gainings that’ll be made via the said land investment is directly correlated to the developmental progress of the land in question.

MEK YAPI determines the most promising areas while caring about your budget .

MEK YAPI; determines the most promising areas while caring about your budget. As it is known; one of the most important factors regarding the land investments is knowing the areas with a propensity for getting developed and MEK Construction directs this process with it’s team of specialists.

In the end; a land that is bought from the right settlement area where there is a state of constant development provides the most gainful long-term investment opportunity in contrast to the other possibilities.

MEK YAPI, Land Investment Oppurtunities


Within the borders of one of the most prestigious districts of Ankara, Gölbaşı; İncek is also the area with the most amount of green-fields and education institutions. Especially the people who prefer a high-quality education for their children usually prefer to enroll them in the institutions located within this area. Within the area there are Supreme Court, Justice Academy, Gendarme and Coast Guard Academies and many other institutions such as these. There are also Atılım and Ufuk Universities besides the TED College, which is mostly preferred by people with a high-level income. Besides the fact that this area is one of the most attractive areas located within Ankara, it also attracts many local and foreign investors. MEK Construction developts projects that are correspondent with its customers’ demands and needs which are focused in this area.


Karataş Neighborhood of the Çankaya District is located at 4 km to the East of Lake Eymir, 5 km to the South-West of Imrahor Valley and 5 km to the South of Oran District. The Ankara belt highway passes through the North of the said area to set the northern border. People today dream of living in a prosperous area with fresh air and fertile with lots of green fields; within this context, Karataş is an area that is zoned directly by the municipality. Already, the 1/5000 Land Use Plan (NİP) of the area is verified and taken out of its previous suspense state and 1/1000 Implementary Development Plan (UİP) works have been initiated on January 2020. When the plans are investigated, it is seen that the social areas are in accordance with the environment.


With a history going as far as 5 millenias, settled on the foothills of the Mount Sodra; surrounded by Bodrum, Lake Bafa, Mandalia and Gökova gulfs, within our country’s second area with the highest precipitation rate, with it’s unique natural beaut and history, Milas & Bodrum are constant sources of tourist attraction all year round. Within Milas’ borders and only 15 km away from the district center and 30 km from Bodrum, considered as located at the most eligible location for transportation, one can enjoy their vacation either by travelling to Bodrum peninsula or Didim. Come on and grant yourself the oppurtunity to watch flamingos that look like pink cotton candies and renowned red demoiselles, while enjoying local products such as pure organic honey, olive oil, hill thyme and many other natural remedies. By MEK Construction...

Land investments are important and valuable, becauseland investments are –taking the presumptions regarding the settlements into account- the type of investments that grants high proceedings.