MEK YAPI prioritizes these 8 subjects when forming an investment portfolio, and advises you to do so too.

1. Location is of utmost importance.

The famous statement “Money, money, money.” Belongs to Napoleon. Napoleon’s this statement is one of many quotes that suggests that the world is shaped and ruled merely by the Money. The real estate version of this quote would be “Location, location, location.”, implying that location is the most important factor when it comes to real estate. For this reason, regardless of the type of investment that’ll be made, the first point to pay attention to is the location of the property. For example: when planning to make a real estate investment, choosing a developing location where the population density is either high or getting higher is the way to go.

2. Mind the parking spaces.

The accesibility of the investment place should be kept under serious consideration. It should be checked to see if there are any incitement such as short-term parking discounts.

3. Frontage of the property should be wide.

It should be checked to see if there are too many colons within the property of if it’s frontage is too narrow.

4. A chimney and a garden are must-haves.

Entrance and exit amounts, if there is a chimney or not and the garden access are all important factors that affect one’s preferences. It might even be possible to rent a workplace that has these at a substantially higher price.

5. The land deed should be checked.

It should be checked to see whether if the shown standalone part is the same as the one that is stated in the deed. The deed type should be either contruction serviture or freehold/flat ownership. One of the common problems encountered while buying a commercial property is finding out that the store’s basement is legally separate from the property.

6. State of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

In order to make profitable investment, workplaces should be bought from places with high people traffic. This increases the business potential of the said place, as well as making it easier to find a tenant.

7. Should be in the proximity of public transportation.

In order to increase the chances of the gaining property premium, you should choose a location that is close to public transportations (subway, train etc.) and to the district or city center. Highly accessible and easy-to-get-to locations always grant the investor higher chances of gaining value, whereas distant locations make it hard.

8. Rent multiplier.

When you divide the amount you’ve paid for the property to the crude rental income of the said property, you get the rent multiplier of that apartment. The rent multiplier is usually taken as the base value assessment factor in Turkiye.

MEK Construction is a formation of people who are professional, qualified, conscious, customer-centered, transparent, aware of their needs and wishes. As MEK Construction, we produce and provide you winning portfolios while taking all the subjects we’ve mentioned above into account. For us, it is more important for our customers to win, than for us to win. Choose MEK Construction and win.