MEK YAPI, Housing Strategy

Housing industry is a sector which keeps on thriving and developing in spite of the communal and economic hardships we encounter during these recent times. Housing investments grant not only value increase, but also rental income. Housing investment is one of the prior preferences of people who are willing to utilize their savings. Buying such properties is a big source of motivation for people who find it hard for themselves to save money.

As MEK YAPI, we’re fully conscious of this, hence, we thrive to produce you the best options, your dreams, both price and location-wise.


Smart Buildings

It’s the integration of today’s high-technology control systems into the daily home life via smart devices and providing a life-easing, secure, comfortable, both source and time-saving and remote-controlled life at your absolute initiative, which is to say, under your total control; from electric to water, heating to security, comfort.

Environment Friendly Projects


Since Ankara is located within a fertile area in the solar energy map, the energy needs of the common areas (lighting, elevator, automated doors etc.) in projects can be compensated by storing solar energy.


It saves money by using what it has saved during the daylight to illuminate after it gets dark. It utilizes network infrastructure to use it’s energy in case it doesn’t save up enough during the daylight.


The water which would be accumulated in the landscape with appropriate and practical methods can be used in order the compensate the water need of the living and the one that’ll arise when people are spending time in the green areas.


The rainfalls can be stored in order to use it for the irrigation of green fields. This system can also be supported with the network integration.


For water-saving and reducing the consumption cost, the rainfall which is stored during certain seasons can be used for irrigation.


With the underground infrastructure for heat recovery systems, the clear air need can be fulfilled as well the heating can be supplied via the subground warmth (15° with a tolerance value of ±1°) and vice versa during the winter.