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Project Details

  • Tiny House is a portable housing project that provides you a rural lifestyle that is away from the city and in touch with nature, besides granting you the opportunity to travel without the concern of finding accommodation. The production Tiny House, which you can use as a residence in your unzoned olivery, hobby garden or field has been initiated in Ankara, Turkiye
  • Features:

    • No need for a permit.
    • You can use it in unzoned areas.
    • It has a license plate as well as a traffic registery ID.
    • Nature-friendly.
    • Easy to use and comfortable. .
    • It’s tax-exempted since it is a non-engine vehicle.
    • The deed, permit and license plate transfer process is done with a notary present.
    • Any plan alterations or personal customizations are possible.
    • Isolation is consistent of high-quality material.
    • 2.55 meter wide, 4 meters high, 3.5 tonnes weight with 5-6-7-8 meter length options.
    • Chassis weight is 800 kilograms.
    • 3.5-tonne payload capacity with Type O2 certificate.
    • German produced axle and brakes are used in its production.
    • Our wood models are built with first-class fin and marine pine woods.
    • Presented models are optional; personal customizations are made in accord with the demands of customers.
  • Adress: Ankara - Türkiye
  • Real Estate ID: 21356 Structure Type: Unavailable Floors No: Unavailable
  • Garden, Heat Isolation