With all the changes brought by the recent pandemic, people’s housing preferences have also changed just as their habits. People have been facing towards getting self contained, private houses with landscapes. Whereas before the rooming formation and the kitchen type was an essential concern, now people are caring more about the balcony and the garden aspects of the house they’re interested in.

According to the specialists, it is presumed that the pandemic phase is going to continue during the upcoming years. The rural-to-urban moving trend has been flipped and became the other way around with the pandemic. Forestry areas, villages, orchards and gardens have started to find their places in the foreground. But this trend has also caused the increase of demand regarding the hobby gardens and caused a price inflation. And this occurence caused many non-regulated and unstable settlements in distant rural areas.

Starting with the recent new world order, people are transforming their houses to fit it into what we call now “Home Office” standards. There will be sliding wall systems in the living rooms that’ll serve to create different divisions in the house to grant the people who want to isolate themselves from the noises of their housemates and the amount of complexes with common gardens will increase. Which is also a big implication of the presumed fact that the near-future housing designs will take people’s needs such as these into consideration.

Just as the external architectures of the buildings will change soon, their internal designs will also differ from the ones we know now. Sliding wall systems will take the place of the current ones, elevator will be installed external to the building, smart housing systems, shared gardens and wider balconies will be the preferred housing designs. People will also want to socialize while keeping their social distance.