The issue which renders a great difficulty to the construction firms operating in developing countries such as ours is the procurement of financial needs. MEK Yapı Construction, however, doesn’t have that kind of a probem. There is no experience-related insufficiency regarding technicalities, finance, and experience. Technological transfer, social media, and its integration ability to the construction and real estate integrated digital platforms is essential for MEK Yapı Construction. MEK Yapı Construction is a company with the ability to operate under full transparency and as the Construction Firm of The Year, it has consolidated its confidentiality within the sector. As a firm, it gives the deeds of the lands which it presents at the launches, as well as taking the responsibility for the construction and the selling process. By contemplating about and investigating the subjects related to its aims, MEK Yapı Construction clearly states its clients’ personal expectations and its own values.

Buying land at the initial (earth) stage literally means buying a house before even the construction begins. Buying from the earth phase refers to buying houses or apartments with completed projects but uninitiated constructions When you choose to buy a property from the said earth phase, you are entitled to buy them from prices that are below the market values. MEK Yapı Launchings are especially attractive in this subject. When you take the constant housing value increases, the property you buy before its construction even begins grants you the opportunity to make substantial profits after its construction has been done. So as to say that buying a property from the launching phase is way more profitable than buying them the usual way.

When facts such as the land’s current state, zoning status, planning, location, the respective region’s land stocks, supply and demand condition, allotment state, the socio-economic factors of the respective region are taken into consideration, MEK Yapı Construction operates within areas of maximum profitability and efficiency, especially areas of Gölbaşı and Çankaya like İncek, Taşpınar, Kızılcaşar, Çayyolu, Alacaatlı, Yaşamkent, Turan Güneş, Dikmen.

People who make no income over their vacant lands should consider giving their land for a flat. One of the biggest advantages that the landowners who are planning to make use of their opportunities can encounter is giving their lands for flats. What makes this option quite advantageous is the fact that the landowners do not possess the eligible knowledge regarding the technicalities and the financial aspect of construction, so by lending their lands to experienced firms and contractors who grants them an opportunity to make use of their vacant land and add value to it. MEK Yapı Construction displays the required sensitivity when assessing the factors presented by the contractors and the bargaining chances. Our former accomplished projects are our most significant references.

The land is a zoned area, hence, it gains value as it is populated more and hosts or becomes a part of commercial activities. The most important factor regarding lands and fields is their respective locations. The quality of the lands should be checked and verified beforehand, as well as its zoning status. The land’s status in its deed should be checked to see if there are any mortgages or sequestrations; its annotations should also be checked. The geologic structure of the land should be evaluated. Water basin, protected status, and the special environment protected area statuses should also be checked to see whether if they are applied to the land. Shape-wise, lands that are rounded or skewed pose some difficulties regarding construction. The land should be researched via related municipalities and land deed registration. If your goal is for a term of 2-5 years, you should go for land investment whereas if it’s 6-10 years, the field should be your preference. Field investment refers to buying land before it’s zoned and profiting from the value increase afterward. Taking the zoning planning into account, it should be investigated to see how much construction can be built upon the said field. The value of the land is also affected by the type of construction that is going to be built on it. One other important point is the appeal of the land’s price in contrast to its market value. In order to see some gains from land investments, one should be patient. As MEK Yapı Construction, we initialize and conclude all these processes with utmost sensitivity and attention.

The desire to be away from the crowd emerged with the recent pandemic and had an effect on many people’s decisions, increasing the demand for separate houses. The demands for lands that are close to the seashore are especially on the rise. Cities such as Muğla, Aydın, and İzmir are among the favorites of land investors. There is also a huge amount of demand for areas like the Aegean Coast in a general sense, which affects the prices. The investment instrument that is the least affected by the financial instabilities is land. The desire for natural beauty, a prosperous life, easy and fast buying, and the selling process are a couple of many factors that play a decisive role in people’s decision to buy lands and other properties from the Aegean Coast. Aegean Coast is among the most focused and worked areas in which MEK Yapı Construction operates.